The Internet threat alert status is currently normal. At present, no major epidemics or other serious incidents have been recorded by Kaspersky Lab’s monitoring service. Internet threat level: 1

RSS feeds

There's no need to open your browser to check for updates to our site - get information about new publications, blogposts and threat alerts sent to you via RSS. All you need to do is install an RSS client.

Choose the RSS-feeds you want by subscribing to the OPML list of feeds on our site from within your RSS client. Do not subscribe to the entire list, as it contains feeds which partially duplicate each other.

All updates To get all updates, subscribe to the General RSS-feed. It offers all major site updates in the form of a heading and a short announcement, and covers new analytical articles, new blogs, new descriptions and new threat alerts.

The other RSS-feeds offer information related to specific updates:

Analysis This provides the 20 most recent analytical articles in date order in the form of a heading and a short announcement.
Blogs This feed provides the 30 most recent blogs in date order in the form of a heading, the author's name, and the full text of the blog.
Alerts This feed provides the 10 most recent alerts.
Current alerts This feed provides current alerts (the feed is empty if there are no current alerts)
Descriptions This feed covers the 20 most recent descriptions in date order (does not include automatically generated descriptions)
Glossary updates The feed covers the 20 most recent additions to the glossary.
New comments 20 of the most recent user comments (Not included in the general RSS feed)

You can use any RSS client, including the Kaspersky Lab News Agent.

RSS-feeds covering product news, events, and offers can be found on the Kaspersky Lab corporate site.