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Incidents|Quake IV released

Kaspersky Lab Expert
Posted October 19, 14:48  GMT
Tags: False Alarms

You're probably wondering why we are mentioning the release of Quake IV, a first person shooter game.

Well, unfortunately Kaspersky Anti-Virus was detecting the original Quake4.exe as Net-Worm.Win32.Mytob.bi for a few hours.

Within a very short time, reports started to appear on gaming forums about this issue. Unfortunately no-one sent Quake4.exe to our VirusLab. If they had, they would have received a reply demonstrating the issue had been fixed.

So in similar cases please send the file which is flagged as being malicious to our Virus Lab - newvirus@kaspersky.com You'll then find out for sure if it's a false positive or a correct detection. And by the way, don't forget to password protect the file.

It might well be that warez versions of Quake IV *do* contain some sort of Trojan. This was the case with a very popular crack for Half-Life 2 when the game was first released.

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Incidents|Kaspersky false positive on Exploit.HTML.Objdata

Kaspersky Lab Expert
Posted November 03, 12:20  GMT
Tags: False Alarms

A change we made recently to our virus definition for 'Exploit.HTML.Objdata' may cause a false positive.

The problem was reported to us at 18:00 Moscow time [GMT+3] on 1 November and we posted a revised definition at 22:00 on the same day.

If any of your Kaspersky anti-virus products flagged this threat during these four hours, we recommend that you scan again with updated bases to make sure.

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