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30 Jul My vacation photos Costin Raiu

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11 Dec Are all antivirus created equal? Eugene

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Humour |My vacation photos

Costin Raiu
Kaspersky Lab Expert
Posted July 30, 13:19  GMT
Tags: Social Networks, Apple iPhone, Data leaks

Yes, it’s that time of the year again! People from all around the world try to escape the heat and pollution of the big cities and find much more enticing options. Once the vacation is over and we are all back to work, what does everybody do first?

Publish photos, of course!

Humour |It's all in the number

Kaspersky Lab Expert
Posted April 14, 17:11  GMT
Tags: Numerology

Ah, numbers: there are simple numbers, magic numbers, lucky numbers and unlucky numbers. There are people who are scared of numbers, people who don't understand numbers, people who love numbers, and people who ignore numbers. Me...I love numbers and always pay attention to how they sound and taste.

Yesterday some of us got on a flight to Boston from NYC. As the computer produced my boarding pass, I watched the numbers unfold and saw that this was a special day: number 13 was the name of the game.

13 - the date
13 - the flight number - with the 2 and 0 voided by the 20 in the gate number
13 - the boarding time


3 + A in hexadecimal is 3 + 10 =13

Four 13s on one boarding pass!! Wow - I'm amazed I survived! How did I do it, you might ask if you happen to believe in the bad luck 13 brings?

I don't know: maybe it was because the flight departed at 200P or APR 2008 =14 if you add the digits in that line. And finally, it was my 14th flight of the year, not the 13th.

So, I survived and I'm completing this US tour with a day in Boston. Flight number 15 of the year will be tomorrow and I'll be looking at new numbers.

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Humour |No comment

Kaspersky Lab Expert
Posted June 25, 14:27  GMT

ComputerWeekly.com provided us here at KL with a giggle today.

Boy, are we glad that it wasn't one of us :-))).

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Humour |Are all antivirus created equal?

Kaspersky Lab Expert
Posted December 11, 12:04  GMT
Tags: Google

Google Translate seems to think so! And it works in both directions...

Update 12.12.06: Google Translate has now fixed this issue.

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