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February 2010

Feb 26 2010

Spam evolution: January 2010

The amount of spam detected in mail traffic averaged 86.1% in January 2010. A low of 78.9% was recorded on 8 January, with a peak of 89.5% on 24 January.

Feb 17 2010

Kaspersky Security Bulletin: Spam Evolution 2009

The percentage of spam in mail traffic in 2009 came to an average of 85.2%, or 3.1% higher than in 2008. The highest percentage of spam recorded was 93% on 22 February, while the low for the year was 72.8% on 26 April.

Feb 17 2010

Kaspersky Security Bulletin 2009. Statistics, 2009

The statistics used in this report are generated by the Kaspersky Security Network (KSN), a major innovation implemented in Kaspersky Lab personal products. The system is currently being adapted for implementation in Kaspersky Lab’s corporate product offerings.

Feb 17 2010

Kaspersky Security Bulletin 2009. Malware Evolution 2009

2009 was the latest milestone both in the history of malware and in the history of cybercrime, with a marked change in direction in both areas. This year laid the foundation of what we will see in the future.

Feb 05 2010

Monthly Malware Statistics: January 2010

The first Top Twenty lists malicious programs, adware and potentially unwanted programs that were detected and neutralized when accessed for the first time, i.e. by the on-access scanner.