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Nation state cyber warfare

Gauss is the most recent cyber-surveillance operation in the Stuxnet, Duqu and Flame saga. It was probably created in mid-2011 and deployed for the first time in August-September 2011. Gauss was discovered during the course of the ongoing effort initiated by the International Telecommunication Union.

Detailed analysis:

Flame's Command & Control servers
Gauss: Abnormal Distribution
Stuxnet/Duqu: The Evolution of Drivers

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Nation state cyber warfare
Spam report: March 2014

Apr 24 2014

Spam report: March 2014

In March, spammers weren’t content to stick with traditional holiday-related advertising; they also used holiday-themed messages to con personal information from users of social networks.

IT threat evolution Q1 2014

Apr 17 2014

IT threat evolution Q1 2014

According to KSN data, Kaspersky Lab products blocked a total of 1131000866 malicious attacks on computers and mobile devices in the first quarter of 2014.

Financial cyber threats in 2013. Part 2: malware

Apr 09 2014

Financial cyber threats in 2013. Part 2: malware

Programs designed to steal e-money and financial data are among the most complicated types of malicious software out there today.

Detection for types of programs shown below added in last 24 hours:


Total number of records:7726142
Added in last update:989
Added in last 24 hours:0

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