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Java Script is a script language developed by Netscape®. Like VBS, JavaScript is often used in the development of web pages. For specific tasks, it’s often easier to write a script than to use a formal programming language like ‘C’ or ‘C++’.

However, as with a formal program, it’s also possible to use JavaScript to create malicious code. Since a script can be easily embedded in HTML, a virus author can embed a malicious script within an HTML e-mail: and when the user reads the e-mail, the script runs automatically.

Joke program

Joke programs are not harmful, but do something that the author considers to be funny. This often includes behavior that simulates the destructive effects of malicious code: for example, displaying a message telling the user that their hard drive is being formatted.

Junk e-mail

Synonyms: Spam, UCE [Unsolicited Commercial E-mail]

Spam is the name commonly given to unsolicited e-mail. It is effectively unwanted advertising, the e-mail equivalent of physical junk mail delivered through the post or from unsolicited telemarketing calls.