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Detected Feb 26 2011 23:59 GMT
Released Feb 27 2011 05:56 GMT
Published Mar 25 2011 13:41 GMT

Technical Details
Removal instructions

Technical Details

This Trojan opens different websites in the browser without the user's knowledge. It is a Windows dynamic library (PE DLL file). It is 40 448 bytes in size. It is written in Delphi.


When the following files are available, the Trojan launches them for execution:

In a separate thread the Trojan searches for the following windows class names:
and the names of the child windows:
Address Band Root
This way the Trojan checks for browsers launched on the user's computer.

Depending on the found windows the Trojan can:

  1. Determine the process that belongs to this window class and then launch the browser process with one of the following parameters:
  2. Check, whether the user is currently viewing one of the following pages:
    iq123.com; yijidh.com; 250dh.cn; 223.la; kuku123.com; 930930.com; 9123.com; hao123e.com; 020.com; youxi777.com; 1616.net; 1188.com; urldh.com; daohang.la; pp55.com; 9605.com; 05505.cn; 7055.net; 0056.com; 6655.com; 1166.com; 5kip.com; 114xia.com; 265dh.com; 3567.com; 6565.cn; 666t.com; 9223.com; dduu.com; hao123.cn; 5snow.com; 2523.com; 5599.net; tt98.com; zhaodao123.com; kuhao123.com; 5151la.net; 6h.com.cn; zeibi.com; 6e8e.com; th123.com; 9991.com; hao123ol.com; wu123.com; t220.cn; ttver.net; 188HI.com; go2000.com; 5igb.com; bb2000.net; 9wa.com; qq5.com; 365j.com; 7345.com; 2760.com; 361la.com; haojs.com; 5zd.com; i8866.com; 100wz.com; 114hi.com; 234.la; 657.com; 339.la; 365wz.net; 7792.com; 9495.com; dazuimao.com; 71314.com; 265.com; gouwo.com; huai456.com; ku256.com; my180.com; 2522.cn; 405.cn; 44244.com; 111dh.com; 115ku.com; 13387.com; 163yes.com; 256s.com; 2676.com; 3355.net; 365lo.com; 4168.com; 4545.cn; 4688.com; 566.net; 5666.net; 5733.com; 6461.cn; 7356.com; 800186.com; 85851.com; 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If the user is viewing one of these pages, the Trojan searches for certain input fields and adds one of the following links to these input fields:

It then emulates pressing the "Enter" key.

This way the Trojan contacts resources without the user's knowledge.

Removal instructions

If your computer does not have antivirus protection and has been infected by this malicious program, follow the instructions below to delete it:

  1. Use Task Manager to terminate the Trojan process.
  2. Delete the original Trojan file (its location will depend on how the program originally penetrated the infected computer).
  3. Empty the Temporary Internet Files directory:
    %Temporary Internet Files%
  4. Perform a full scan of the computer using Kaspersky Anti-Virus with up-to-date antivirus databases (download a trial version).

md5: 305D925660B612459BEE36208D5817E6
sha1: 6BF1489644169419B3509A97AF9AADBFC4544E94

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This type of malicious program is designed to steal user account information for online games. The data is then transmitted to the malicious user controlling the Trojan. Email, FTP, the web (including data in a request), or other methods may be used to transit the stolen data.

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