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03 Jul Who is attacking me? Vicente Diaz

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Browsing is a risky activity from a security point of view. The good old times when we could identify a bunch of suspicious sites and avoid them are gone forever. Massive infections of websites are common nowadays, blindly infecting as many sites as possible. Once these sites are compromised, the access is usually sold to cybercriminals. At this point the site hosts malware or redirects victims to some exploit kit.

We have seen this hundreds of times, for example the recent example such as the distribution of Flashfake through compromised Wordpress blogs.

Thanks to KSN we have nice stats of the sites browsed by our customers and detected as malicious. And thanks to KIS/KAV protection, users can happily continue browsing without further inconvenience.

I have been analyzing compromised sites with ES TLD during the last month, wondering what the most dangerous sites for Spanish users are. These are the top 5 verdicts: