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14 Dec Patriot on the loose Costin Raiu

27 Oct New Zafi, New cyberwar? Aleks

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Virus Watch|Patriot on the loose

Costin Raiu
Kaspersky Lab Expert
Posted December 14, 16:42  GMT
Tags: Zafi

A new variant in the Zafi ("HAZAFI" means "patriot" in hungarian) family started to spread earlier today and seems to be propagating pretty fast. Currently, Zafi.D is number one in the stats at http://virus.freemail.hu/, a position earned in just a few hours.

Detection for Email-Worm.Win32.Zafi.d was delivered at around 9am Moscow time(GMT+3) in one of the morning's antivirus database updates.

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Virus Watch|New Zafi, New cyberwar?

Kaspersky Lab Expert
Posted October 27, 12:01  GMT
Tags: Zafi, Virus Writers Wars

We detected a new variant of Zafi today, Zafi.c. The first two Zafi's spread widely, so we plan to keep a close eye on how things go.

It seems that Zafi.c was written in Hungary. The difference between Zafi.a and Zafi.b is that the author decided to join the cyberwar between the Mydoom, Bagle and Netsky authors. He included the following message:


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