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The Ekoparty Security Conference 2013 was held in the beautiful city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, from 25 to 27 September, This event,the most important security conference in Latin America, is now in its ninth year and was attended by 1,500 people. The slogan of this year’s conference was “Somebody is watching”.

Events|Campus Party, the biggest Technology Camp in the world!

Roberto Martinez
Kaspersky Lab Expert
Posted August 05, 19:58  GMT

Campus Party is considered the world's most important event in the areas of Innovation, Creativity, Science and Digital Entertainment. This time it was the Mexican 4th edition and took place July 31st to August 4th in Mexico City. Even though the event took place around the same time as DefCon and Black Hat, had the participation of recognized computer security professionals from Latin America and the attendance was about 8,000 people with more than 500 conferences and workshops.

The first edition took place in Spain in 1997 and has since amassed more than 287,000 people from around the world. Currently annual events take place in countries like; Mexico, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Germany, England and USA.


They’re stalking, taking advantage of the anonymity offered by the Internet and using the most advanced techniques to deceive their victims. They pose a persistent threat. They are often very patient and have sometimes communicated with their victims over a number of days, weeks, months and sometimes for over a year before they finally arrange to meet with the young person. They are a new breed of predators.