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Webcasts|Targeted attacks: businesses under threat

Sergey Novikov
Kaspersky Lab Expert
Posted September 20, 11:59  GMT
Tags: Targeted Attacks

Here we are once again with the next in the series of "Lab Matters", the webcast that brings you in-depth coverage of the most talked-about issues and threats from the world of information security.

As the subject of targeted attacks remains one of the industry’s most hotly discussed topics, and the waves of such attacks appear to be relentless, our experts, Costin and Magnus, together with the team, decided to continue on with the theme. So, here are just some of the questions that we will be taking a close look at in our next webcast: Who is most at risk of being targeted by these attacks? What procedures and policies can be implemented to withstand them and what should the antimalware companies be doing to try to protect their users? We think this video will provide a better understanding of how and why targeted attacks have become so prevalent so quickly, and what companies and individuals can do to successfully avoid becoming their victim. Forewarned is forearmed!

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So watch out for the next "Lab Matters" coming soon, ... and don’t forget to leave your feedback for our experts and let us know which subjects you would like to see discussed.

Here’s a full transcript:


Join Roel Schouwenberg and myself as we explore what AV tests are about today and reflect on what is important for people using these tests to make an informed decision about buying protection for themselves and their families.

Roel describes what he believes a useful test is and also discusses AMTSO - the independent Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization. AMTSO has created a series of documents describing testing processes; the results can be seen already in how some of the more reputable testers are changing their methodologies.

AV testing is important for everyone who is looking to purchase an AV for themselves or for their organization. Take a few minutes and learn more about it with us.

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Webcasts|Lab Matters

Sergey Novikov
Kaspersky Lab Expert
Posted June 15, 12:20  GMT
Tags: Microsoft Windows, Targeted Attacks

As part of our general information sharing activity, we have launched a series of webcasts on YouTube. I will be hosting a lot of them, so I thought I would let you know we’ve begun.

In this first webcast Costin and Magnus join me in discussing targeted attacks today – what they are, how to prevent them and how to mitigate if the attacks do succeed after all. Who should listen? Well, clearly IT staff for starters.

However, targeted attacks affect all of us – because the main attack vector is through social engineering This means that every single person employed by a company under attack – is a potential entry point.

So – take 5 minutes and listen to Costin, Magnus and myself and let us know what you think – was it useful? Do you have further questions? Do you have other topics you would like to hear about?

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Events|IT Security for the Next Generation

Sergey Novikov
Kaspersky Lab Expert
Posted November 27, 16:11  GMT
Tags: Conferences

We've just held the first European edition of our international student conference, IT Security for the Next Generation. Young researchers, masters and PhD students, professors and Kaspersky Lab experts all presented and discussed different issues relating to cybercrime at the beautiful University of East London.

I was involved as a member of the program committee and had to evaluate students' research reports and papers. To be honest, it wasn't an easy task to choose the best from so many different interesting topics: incidents caused by botnets, analysis of drive-by download attacks, measuring malware & spam, psychology of cybercrime, etc...

The event gave young IT professionals to attend lectures and workshops led by Kaspersky analysts and experts: my colleague, Denis Maslennikov made an interesting workshop about mobile malware, Georg Wicherski let participants into some of the basics of malware analysis, Eddy Willems talked about the human factor and security, and Sergey Golovanov revealed how he became a Kaspersky expert.

But the conference wasn't just about lectures and learning: we had two days full of fun, drive, meeting new people and great teambuilding, as well as surviving the English weather!

It's sad that the conference is over, but we'll be running more events like this on a regular basis around the world. And I'm sure that meetings like this inspire everyone to new challenges, new research, new opportunities, and that everyone who came is motivated to be with us on the light side!

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