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A typhoon worth millions

Tatyana Shcherbakova
Posted November 18, 15:25  GMT

In early November Typhoon Haiyan devastated the Philippines, with a catastrophic numbers of victims – several thousand were reported killed, while hundreds of thousands were evacuated. A few days after the typhoon struck we detected the first “Nigerian letters” in which scammers were exploiting the tragedy for their own selfish ends. The author of the letter below pretended to be a driver at a local security company. The tale of how he became a multi-millionaire sounds plausible enough.


The typhoon supposedly left the driver alone with a cargo of $11.5 million. Realizing he had lost his security escort and that the money was probably presumed lost, he decided to make the most of his predicament and conveyed the money to an associate at another security company. In the letter he is asking the recipient to help transfer the valuable cargo out of the Philippines in return for a generous reward. To add a touch of authenticity, the scammer added real links to news about the typhoon – mostly to the BBC. The news articles are the only reliable information provided in the letter. This amazing story of a newly-made millionaire, along with his name and surname are merely trying to deceive an unsuspecting recipient.


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2013 Nov 20, 09:31

police setup

these letter have been around for 12 yrs. I get dozens of them a yr. these letter are from that countries fbi. I have watched several stories on it. they will pay your round trip airfare to get there and then they will arrest you for extortion.



2013 Nov 22, 23:04

ref : e-mail

It could be a police sting luv_my_kaspersky,
However i dont think it is,
I agree with the author that it is just some same old nigerian scammer trying
to get lucky by all the poor people's deaths and tragedy through what the
world has become aware of as hurricane haiyan...
They do make you giggle though with some of the bull and crap that they come
out with to just get a response from you's,
next they'll be needing our assistance to take a cheese rocket to the moon
and back so any donations welcomed.
The SAD fact is that even scammers are as heartless as the Devil himself to be
able to send them out in the first place knowing just how bad that hurricane
actually was.
cheers Tatyana Shcherbakova for the updates...
Thanks mark117



2013 Dec 05, 10:47

it is a police sting because dateline msnbc actually sent someone there to check it out and they got arrested for extortion. sure not all of the ads were police. some of them were actual scammers.

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