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Malicious news – birth, death, spy scandal

Anna Volodina
Kaspersky Lab Expert
Posted July 25, 15:52  GMT

Anna Volodina and
Ram Herkanaidu

Ok Take a look at the following screenshots. What do you notice?

Subject: "Perfect gift for royal baby ... a tree?" -  BreakingNews CNN

Subject: "Snowden able to leave Moscow airport" -  BreakingNews CNN

Well both unsurprisingly are using very topical headline grabbing news to entice us to click on the links. It seems that the spammers are using a template and then mix and match them.  The first one is especially interesting as the subject is about the royal baby. We have blogged already about spam using this hot theme.

Either this is a mistake or a deliberate ploy by them. In any case it’s in very bad taste linking a happy, joyous event with such a tragedy!

We have seen many emails of this kind and with the same structure. Every letter has a “video” frame or a picture. Every link’s address is an infected page. You are then redirected several times before you reach the exploit. Kaspersky detects this as: HEUR:Exploit.Script.Generic. This exploit infects a computer with

Trojan-PSW.Win32.Fareit.pjt a password stealer. In particular it looks for browser cookies, ftp client credentials and email passwords.


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2013 Jul 26, 11:42

Malicious News

Hi Anna Volodina Ram Herkanaidu

It just goes to show that the Spammers are not really that caring and would use any kind of "HOT" News or "Tragic" News to try to trick the people they are sending them to into clicking on the links to malicious sites to download viruses and or malware, it just goes to show the extent at which they are willing to go to, to just get you to click the links to the infected sites.

That is why i am glad im a fully paid up member of Kaspersky PURE 3.0

Although i must admit you must also use some common sense when viewing your e-mails.

The images you are seeming to show here look to be from the CNN News site, although in reality when you do click the link to the news story you end up on some malicious site that has nothing to do with the CNN News site,

Also it just goes to also show the techniques and the professionally looking e-mails, like they are learning that people are starting to understand now how to spot a faked e-mail, and one more last thing to check is also the address that the link might be sending you to.

Thank You for article

Also REMEMBER that if you have any doubt about the story/story's then you can always fire up Mozilla or whichever browser you are using and go to the proper site yourselves to read the news
Thank You...


Anna Volodina

2013 Jul 26, 17:13

Re: Malicious News

mark117, you are quite right, and thank you for the good tips! Be careful, do not trust spammers and check the links - there are our advices for every user.

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