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Whitelisting - how it protects us

Kaspersky Lab Expert
Posted August 13, 15:21  GMT
Tags: Content Filtering, Whitelisting

Malware writers are inventing new attacks regularly - but the anti-virus industry invents new protection techniques just as regularly. Whitelisting is on of the newer protection technology which are now standard in Internet Security products. It sounds positive, but how does it actually work? Does it overload your computer? How can developers whitelist their programs? Will whitelisting replace other protection technologies?

Join Andrey Nikishin, Director of Cloud and Content Technology Research, Vladimir Zapolyansky, Manager of Whitlelisting and myself as we discuss how whitelisting itself works. We will also discuss how software writers can join our program and what the benefits are for them.


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Claudiu Francu

2010 Aug 13, 20:51

I think it's a great idea, I'll just wait and see the implementation.
In fact, it's such a good idea, that i must ask you this: why not patent (TM) the idea and make it a standard through developers AV's?
Just trying to figure it out here, why would I as a supposed developer register my application through your program?
If other AV's "will have the same idea" in the near future, should I go and register my application to all of you?
Why not make it a standard and that's it?!
Also, the video doesn't say what's the webpage to browse if I want to register my application.


Fabio Assolini

2010 Aug 15, 01:41

To register in our whitelist project



Mihai Barbulescu

2010 Aug 20, 10:15

A whitelist or approved list is not an original concept, however, it is good to see that Kaspersky have made this as a public service.

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