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WhatsApp for PC - a guaranteed Trojan banker

Dmitry Bestuzhev
Kaspersky Lab Expert
Posted January 21, 04:54  GMT
Tags: Internet Banking, Social Engineering, Campaigns, Oracle

We just received a spam message in Portuguese stating the following:

In short, this message says that WhatsApp for PC is finally available and that the recipient already has 11 pending invitations from friends in his account. This is what the email looks like:

If the victim clicks on the link, it will lead him/her to a hacked server in Turkey and will then be redirected to a Hightail (Yousendit) account to download the initial Trojan, which in the system looks like a 64 bits installation file:

In reality, it is a standard 32 bits app with a moderate VT detection:

This downloader has some anti-debugging features like: UnhandledExceptionFilter() and RaiseException() and once running, it downloads a new Trojan that is banker itself. This time the malware comes from a server in Brazil and has a low VT detection 3 of 49. The recently downloaded banker has the icon of an mp3 file. Most users would click on it, especially after seeing it is about 2.5Mb in its weight.

It also has some anti-debugging features to make its analysis harder. It's written in Delphi XE5 from Embarcadero:

Once running, the malware reports itself to the cybercriminals’ infections statistics console and when open, a local port 1157 sends stolen information in the Oracle DB format. In addition, it downloads new malware into the system; some samples are 10Mb in size. This is the classic style of a Brazilian-created malware.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus detects all mentioned samples heuristically. Please stay alert, be aware and do not become a victim.

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2014 Jan 22, 18:58

How to actually install WhatsApp on your PC

Hey Dmitry, thanks for the warning about this virus. Are there any localized versions of the mail too?

If you actually want to install WhatsApp on your PC, you can use the Bluestacks Android emulator to install it.

If any users of my website http://whatsappforpc.net are reading this, I want to assure you that it doesn't transmit, or ever has transmitted any viruses, malware or spyware.



Dmitry Bestuzhev

2014 Jan 23, 06:52

Re: How to actually install WhatsApp on your PC

Hey Koen,

Thanks for your comment. We did not seen yet any other localized version but Portuguese. On the other hand there are other malicious campaigns abusing WhatsApp brand offering free downloads for Android. Most of that sites are in Russian and install SMS trojans for Android.

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