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iOS update available - version 7.0.4 is here

Stefan Tanase
Kaspersky Lab Expert
Posted November 15, 11:09  GMT
Tags: Apple iPhone, Apple, Vulnerabilities

This week, Apple has released a small but very important update to their popular mobile operating system - iOS 7.0.4. According to the details provided, by Apple, the update comes with several bug fixes and improvements, including a fix for an issue that causes FaceTime calls to fail in some cases.

But the latest iOS update also comes with an important security fix for CVE-2013-5193, a vulnerability allowing App and In-App purchases to be completed with insufficient authorization - meaning that the password prompt presented to a signed in user before making an App purchase could have been bypassed and the transaction completed without providing a password.

Why are updates so important?

This software update for iOS, just like many other software updates for any platform, shows once again the importance of updating. Updates donít just fix innocent bugs, they donít just improve the userís experience. They do that, yes, but most of the times updates also fix security vulnerabilities which can be exploited in-the-wild.

How to update your iOS device?

The quickest way to update your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch is to do it directly from the device. Just make sure you have everything backed up before you proceed, that you are connected to a WiFi network and the device has enough power, then just go to Settings õ General õ Software Update. If an update is available, tap Download, then Install.

You can also update your device through iTunes, while itís connected through a cable. For more details and tips, Apple has a complete step-by-step guide available here: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4623


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