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Posted April 26, 20:49  GMT
Tags: Conferences, Botnets, Cybercrime Legislation, Identity Theft

The Counter eCrime Operations Summit VII (CeCOS VII) engages questions of operational challenges and the development of common resources for the first responders and forensic professionals who protect consumers and enterprises from the electronic-crime threat every day.

The annual event, organized by the Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) is this time held in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Various topics, covering a wide range of cybercrime and approaches to their prevention are discussed and the event offers opportunities to meet Industry Experts, Law Enforcement, Academia and others.

My colleague Jorge Mieres held his talk titled "Computer Intelligence Applied to Malicious Code" with an overview of malware related events in the recent past.
The agenda of the event is to find here.

Besides concerns in the digital world, we also experienced a real life sample of an analog crime first hand: Another colleague of mine from Japan got his mobile phone lifted out of his pocket - in broad daylight at a crowded street and without noticing anything at all.
Stay safe!


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