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Public points of data loss

Dmitry Bestuzhev
Kaspersky Lab Expert
Posted May 14, 11:18  GMT
Tags: Data leaks

    “Forgetting” or “underestimating” are the main reasons for data loss around the world. In an airport lounge during my last trip I came across  some cool tab devices running on Android integrated with an external keyboard available for public use and connected to the Internet.

As in the past I performed a quick check of downloaded files, most visited sites and browser history and found a huge list of sensitive information. Here are some examples:

  • Access via OWA to a corporate email of a Latin American bank.
  • Medical files from Spanish hospitals.
  • Commercial offers with personal banking information of a service provider.
  • Personal traveller information with full names, IDs, frequent flyer number and the destination of the flight.
  • Audit control released by a Latin American government to local companies.
I didn’t check if the browser function “save passwords” was enabled. Just imagine if it was! I also didn’t check the saved cookies. Anyway enough sensitive information was already exposed out there.

Lots of people are not very good at safeguarding their personal information on standard PCs; they are even worse when it comes to tab computers. More often than not, they just don’t know where a file was downloaded on a tab, and they have no idea how to delete it afterwards.

I wonder how much sensitive information is already exposed in this way at airports around the globe! Without any doubt it’s a huge advantage for cybercriminals who know how to use social engineering and a big pain for security officers of the companies who have to train employees. Another important point is when people fly on business – they are usually managers, so any leaked information can compromise not only their personal identity but also a company’s secrets.


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don vito

2012 May 15, 23:28

Data loss

Is in-private browsing a good tool for secure browsing?


Dmitry Bestuzhev

2012 May 16, 02:35

Re: Data loss

If you mean incognito-like function, yes. That is one of many useful tips to use to increase security.



2012 May 23, 16:47

Data Loss.

Thanks for putting up this very educative article. Its very useful and has awaken a sence of protection of informations in all my devices.

Apart from ensuring u delete downloaded files, site browsed etc., please is there other ways of securing your informations especially when u have to share your computer with others from time to time?
waiting to hear from you please.



2012 Jun 13, 18:24

Re: Data Loss.

create seperate accounts?

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