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Beware of free plug-ins

Dmitry Bestuzhev
Kaspersky Lab Expert
Posted June 17, 21:45  GMT
Tags: Browser Plugins

Do you like e-books? Free ones? They’re easy to find: e-books are often uploaded to public servers such as rapdishare, megaupload and others. Anyone who finds the link can download books from such websites for free.

Is is safe? Well – judge for yourself. Just the other day I found a browser plug-in on BitRoad dot net that people can download and use as a tool to download e-books. The plug-in is browser independent and attacks both IE and Firefox.

And yes…it was malware - AdWare.Win32.Kitsune.f. I checked for detection on Virus Total and the results were not great – 9/32 (26.13%).

And this is just one incident. In reality, this occurs every day. Plug-ins on any open freeware website can be malicious - there are no guarantees and obligations, after all. So...stay safe and surf cautiously. As ever.


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