The Internet threat alert status is currently normal. At present, no major epidemics or other serious incidents have been recorded by Kaspersky Lab’s monitoring service. Internet threat level: 1

Sep 18 2012

"This site may harm your computer". How to recognize and defeat website infections

Mass website infections are one of the biggest problems in contemporary IT security

Feb 17 2010

Kaspersky Security Bulletin 2009. Malware Evolution 2009

2009 was the latest milestone both in the history of malware and in the history of cybercrime, with a marked change in direction in both areas. This year laid the foundation of what we will see in the future.

Nov 12 2009

Browsing malicious websites

Over the past few years, the Internet has become a dangerous place

Oct 09 2009

The Cash Factory

This article is a study of one spam email and illustrates the methods employed by today’s cyber criminals to create botnets and conduct mass spam mailings

Apr 15 2009

Drive-by Downloads. The Web Under Siege

The way that computer viruses and malware travel has evolved in much the same way that information itself has changed in the way it travels.

Oct 22 2007

Malicious website evolution: January – June 2007

This is the first report in a series from Kaspersky Lab tracking the evolution of malicious websites and malware delivered via the web

Jul 18 2005

Malware Evolution: April - June 2005

Kaspersky Lab presents an overview of malware and cyber threat evolution in the second quarter of 2005.