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Nov 03 2008

Wardriving in Santiago, Chile

Between 6th and 11th October, we went wardriving in Santiago, the capital of Chile, with the aim of collecting data on the city’s wifi networks.

Apr 24 2008

Wardriving in Monterrey - Mexico

Following Brazil, we turned our attention toward Mexico, as here we can find a very high and distributed level of technology

Apr 24 2008

Wardriving in Sao Paulo - Brazil

In this report we will analyze the security of the Wi-Fi networks in Sao Paolo, Brazil

Jan 23 2008

Wardriving in Caracas (Venezuela)

This latest piece of research from Kaspersky Lab examines the security of wifi networks in Caracas, the capital of Venezuela.

May 31 2007

Wardriving in London 2007

This article will address the changes which have taken place since our last wardriving tour of London in 2006.

Apr 06 2007

Wardriving in Warsaw

This article continues our research into wireless network security. Previous articles have examined wireless network security in China, Germany, London, and Paris.

Mar 07 2007

War-nibbling 2007

This article is a continuation of last year's report on vulnerable Bluetooth devices in Moscow.

Dec 20 2006

Wardriving in Paris

Kaspersky Lab presents its latest research on wireless networks and Bluetooth devices

May 23 2006

War-driving in England

This latest report from Kaspersky Lab examines the state of wireless network security in England

Mar 15 2006

War-driving in Germany - CeBIT2006

Kaspersky Lab investigates Wi-fi networks at the world's biggest IT show

Mar 03 2006

Bluetooth, Bluetooth Security and New Year War-nibbling

This latest analysis from Kaspersky Lab gives an overview of Bluetooth security and some of the most common attack methods

Dec 12 2005

Wardriving in China

Kaspersky Lab senior virus analyst presents results from research he carried out in China on WiFi networks and Bluetooth technologies.