The Internet threat alert status is currently normal. At present, no major epidemics or other serious incidents have been recorded by Kaspersky Lab’s monitoring service. Internet threat level: 1

Nov 14 2013

IT Threat Evolution: Q3 2013

According to KSN data, Kaspersky Lab products detected and neutralized a total of 978 628 817  threats in the third quarter of 2013

Sep 11 2012

The geography of cybercrime: Western Europe and North America

The Internet knows no borders, but according to our data, cybercrime has specific ‘geographical features’.

May 24 2012

The anatomy of Flashfake. Part 2

In the first part of our analysis we looked at the distribution and infection mechanisms used by the Flashfake...

Apr 19 2012

The anatomy of Flashfake. Part 1

Flashback/Flashfake is a family of malware for Mac OS X.

Aug 16 2011

Heads of the Hydra. Malware for Network Devices

Network devices such as routers, access points and DSL modems are an integral part of today's home and small office networks.

Apr 20 2011

The ‘Advertising’ Botnet

The Trojan is protected by a packer with heavily obfuscated code.

Dec 20 2010

End of the Line for the Bredolab Botnet?

On 25 October 2010, the Dutch police force’s Cybercrime Department announced the shutdown of 143 Bredolab botnet control servers. The next day at Armenia’s Yerevan international airport, one of those formerly responsible for running the botnet was arrested.

Aug 23 2010

Information Security Threats in the Second Quarter of 2010

The majority of the biggest malware incidents that took place in the second quarter of 2010 were linked in some way to botnets. New bots were created and existing bots further developed, such as TDSS, an article on which has been published by our virus analysts, and Zbot (ZeuS), which we discuss below.

Jul 15 2010

Black DDoS

Cybercriminals use a variety of bots to conduct DDoS attacks on Internet servers. One of the most popular tools is called Black Energy 2. This malicious program is the subject of this article.

Jun 01 2010

Information Security Threats in the First Quarter of 2010

This report was compiled on the basis of data obtained and processed using the Kaspersky Security Network (KSN). KSN is one of the most important innovations in personal products and is currently in the final stages of development.

Apr 12 2010

ZeuS on the Hunt

What wonderful times we live in! Thanks to the development of the Internet, we can purchase things and pay for services quickly and easily. Things have become incredibly convenient.

Dec 17 2009

The botnet ecosystem

With the appearance of botnets, criminal gangs have gained access to millions of infected computers and the number of cybercrimes committed has risen sharply. Although the majority of Internet users understand that zombie networks pose a serious threat, many do not know how or why botnets are created and maintained.