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May 27 2008

"Instant" threats

Instant messaging applications are viewed as ideal channels for committing various types of online fraud. Knowing about potential threats that spread via IM and how to combat them can help users avoid unpleasant surprises when communicating online

Aug 20 2007

Instant Messenger: making business friendlier but less secure

Instant messaging (IM) has its origins in low-level, John-to-Judy communications. John can’t do his assignment. He dashes off a five-word message to Judy who punts him the right answer.

Apr 04 2007

Skype and Corporate Network Security

This research was conducted by InfoWatch’s analysis center between 15th and 30th of January, 2007.

Nov 20 2006

Malware Evolution: July - September 2006

Kaspersky Lab presents the latest quarterly report on malware evolution

Jul 13 2006

Death of the IM-Worm?

This article examines the evolution of the IM worm since the beginning of 2005.

Oct 21 2005

Malware Evolution: July - September 2005

This latest report continues Kaspersky Lab's sequence of quarterly reports on malware and cyber threat evolution.

Apr 18 2005

Malware Evolution: January - March 2005

Kaspersky Lab presents an overview of malware evolution in the first quarter of 2005.