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Feb 26 2008

Kaspersky Security Bulletin 2007: Malware evolution in 2007

This annual report provides an overview the evolution of malware, adware and potentially malicious programs in 2007, and compares this data to that of 2006.

Oct 22 2007

Malware evolution: January – July 2007

This half-year report examines changes in malware compared with to the second half of 2006.

Feb 27 2007

Kaspersky Security Bulletin 2006: Malware Evolution

This report surveys the evolution of malicious code in 2006, providing statistics on the increase in various types of malicious program, and an overview of significant trends.

Sep 22 2006

Kaspersky Security Bulletin, January - June 2006: Malware Evolution

This latest half-yearly report covers the most significant changes in malicious code evolution over the last six months and included a number of predictions as to how the situation may develop based on the statistics we have today.

Jun 28 2006

Proactive Protection: a Panacea for Viruses?

The first in a series of articles that discuss the newest technologies used by antivirus companies which focuses on proactive technologies

Apr 03 2006

Malware Evolution: 2005, part two

Kaspersky Lab presents the second report covering malware evolution in 2005

Feb 08 2006

Malware Evolution: 2005

This latest report from Kaspersky Lab presents statistical data on malware evolution in 2005

Nov 21 2005

The contemporary antivirus industry and its problems

Eugene Kaspersky gives his views on the current state of the antivirus industry, and suggestions for the industry's evolution.

Jul 29 2005

Watershed in malicious code evolution

Trends and forecasts for the second half of 2005

Oct 17 2004

Antivirus updating - why it's more important than ever before

Today's threats spread further and faster than ever before. This makes updating your antivirus databases regularly essential. Find out why in this article by Kaspersky Lab's senior technology consultant, David Emm.