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Jul 27 2012

The ‘Madi’ infostealers - a detailed analysis

On 17 July, we published a blog about Madi. Here is the follow up with a detailed analysis of the infostealer used in the campaign.

May 10 2007

Malware Evolution: January - March 2007

This latest report covers the continuing evolution of malicious code, examining the latest virus outbreaks, their significance, and security issues associated with the release of Vista.

Jan 24 2007

Vista vs. Viruses

Microsoft’s latest development, Windows Vista, is positioned as a system with enhanced security. The official release data is scheduled for 30th January 2007. However, questions as to how realistic the claims of enhanced security are were being raised by the computing community long before a...

Nov 20 2006

Malware Evolution: July - September 2006

Kaspersky Lab presents the latest quarterly report on malware evolution

Jun 23 2006

Exploring the x64-treme heights of the Internet

This article covers some potential IE and Windows x64 security issues

Oct 21 2005

Malware Evolution: July - September 2005

This latest report continues Kaspersky Lab's sequence of quarterly reports on malware and cyber threat evolution.