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Dec 17 2009

The botnet ecosystem

With the appearance of botnets, criminal gangs have gained access to millions of infected computers and the number of cybercrimes committed has risen sharply. Although the majority of Internet users understand that zombie networks pose a serious threat, many do not know how or why botnets are created and maintained.

Oct 09 2009

The Cash Factory

This article is a study of one spam email and illustrates the methods employed by today’s cyber criminals to create botnets and conduct mass spam mailings

Dec 21 2007

Coordinated distributions method for tracking botnets sending out spam

This paper presents a method to automatically separate and block those networks in real time. The method uses a statistical approach exploiting the fact that computers in a botnet have to have some similarities in their behavior.

Apr 22 2005

The Bagle botnet

Bagle threats evolve from email worm to a complex network of zombies; author milks for profit.

Apr 18 2005

Malware Evolution: January - March 2005

Kaspersky Lab presents an overview of malware evolution in the first quarter of 2005.