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Nov 05 2013

Spam in Q3 2013

The percentage of spam in total email traffic decreased by 2.4% from the second quarter of 2013 and came to 68.3%.

Nov 13 2012

Spam in Q3 2012

The percentage of spam in total mail traffic was down by 2.8 percentage points in the third quarter, coming in at 71.5%.

Aug 15 2012

Spam in Q2 2012

In Q2 of 2012, the share of spam in mail traffic was down 2.3 percentage points compared to the previous quarter, averaging 74.3%. Asia and Latin America remain the most prominent sources of spam.

May 15 2012

Spam in Q1 2012

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Aug 18 2011

Spam in Q2 2011

In Q2 of 2011, the share of spam in mail traffic continued to grow, averaging 82.5%.

May 10 2011

Spam in the First Quarter of 2011

The amount of spam detected in mail traffic in the first quarter of 2011 averaged 78.6%.

Nov 10 2010

Spam in the Third Quarter of 2010

The third quarter of 2010 started off with several favorable events for the anti-spam industry. In August, the security intelligence firm, LastLine, worked with a task force to shut down over 20 control centers used by the Pushdo / Cutwail botnet...

Jul 27 2010

Spam in the Second Quarter of 2010

The percentage of spam in mail traffic during the second quarter of 2010 came to 84.4%, a reduction of 0.8 percentage points on the previous quarter. The highest levels of spam were recorded on 18 April and 9 May at 89.8%, while the low for the quarter was 79.2% on 20 April

May 12 2010

Spam evolution: January-March 2010

In the first quarter of 2010, the percentage of spam in email traffic averaged 85.2%. This figure coincides with the final result for 2009.

Nov 23 2009

Spam evolution: July-September 2009

In the third quarter of 2009, the percentage of spam in mail traffic averaged 85.7%

Aug 25 2009

Spam evolution: January – June 2009

Spam averaged 85.5% of mail traffic over the first half of 2009. The lowest figure was 72.8% on April 26th, while the highest percentage was 93%, recorded on February 22nd. 0.3% of spam messages included malicious attachments.

May 14 2009

Spam evolution: January - March 2009

During Q1 2009, spam accounted for 86.8% of all mail traffic which is 5% higher than the average amount of spam in 2008. However, this is not an indicator of an increase in spam in mail traffic.