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February 2013

Feb 28 2013

Mobile Malware Evolution: Part 6

The fifth part of our regular overview of mobile malware evolution was published one year ago, and now it’s time to review the events of 2012 to see just how accurate our forecasts were

Feb 21 2013

Spam in January 2013

The percentage of spam in email traffic was down 7.7 percentage points compared with December and averaged 58.3%

Feb 19 2013

Application Control: the key to a secure network. Part 1

Corporate network security is one of the most pressing issues for companies today

Feb 19 2013

Application Control: the key to a secure network — Part 2

It’s brilliant — but is it user-friendly?

Feb 14 2013

Honey traps on the Internet

In the world of espionage, a ‘honey trap’ traditionally involves a seductive encounter designed to coax information out of an agent, or to compromise him in his work.

Feb 01 2013

Kaspersky Lab report: Evaluating the threat level of software vulnerabilities

Vulnerable programs are among the most commonplace ways to attack victims and steal personal data.