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December 2011

Dec 28 2011

Stuxnet/Duqu: The Evolution of Drivers

We have been studying the Duqu Trojan for two months now, exploring how it emerged, where it was distributed and how it operates.

Dec 20 2011

Spam report: November 2011

The amount of spam in email traffic was up 1.4 percentage points compared to October and averaged 80.6%.

Dec 12 2011

Monthly Malware Statistics: November 2011

The following statistics were compiled in November using data collected from computers running Kaspersky Lab products

Dec 08 2011

Online shopping made safe and convenient

In developed countries, bank cards are very popular. Consumers don’t have to lug around wads of cash when they can opt for a slim piece of plastic that replaces a heavy purse or wallet.

Dec 01 2011

Legit bootkits

Various proactive antivirus protection tools are capable of hooking system functions in one way or another. Malicious code also uses algorithms of this type.