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Apr 24 2014

Spam report: March 2014

In March, spammers weren’t content to stick with traditional holiday-related advertising; they also used holiday-themed messages to con personal information from users of social networks.

Mar 20 2014

Spam report: February 2014

The share of spam in global email traffic decreased by 7.6 percentage points and averaged 65.7% in January. As forecasted, the drop in the share of spam was due to a lull early in January when there is less business activity and a large number of botnets are turned off.

Feb 27 2014

Spam report: January 2014

January saw spammers switch their attention from Christmas and New Year to St. Valentine’s Day. English- and Russian-language mass mailings offering video surveillance systems were yet another popular trend in January.

Jan 23 2014

Spam in December 2013

In December, spammers continued to honor the traditions of the season and tried to attract potential customers with a variety of original gift and winter vacation offers, taking advantage of the approaching holidays.

Dec 19 2013

Spam in November 2013

In November we saw a large number of spam messages offering seasonal and full-time jobs. This comes as a surprise for this time of the year: the labor market is experiencing a “low season” as the end of the fiscal year approaches.

Nov 21 2013

Spam in October 2013

In October, spammers continued to actively use the names of well-known companies to spread malicious ZIP files. We registered several mass mailings offering rather unusual, if not to say exotic, services...

Oct 29 2013

Spam in September 2013

In September, the proportion of world spam in mail traffic continued to decline and reached 66%. As always the spammers focused on advertising seasonal goods and services.

Sep 23 2013

Spam in August 2013

The percentage of spam in email traffic in August was down 3.6 percentage points and averaged 67.6%.

Aug 22 2013

Spam in July 2013

The percentage of spam in email traffic in July was up only 0.1 percentage points and averaged 71.2%

Jun 29 2013

Spam in June 2013

Contrary to our forecasts the number of phishing attacks on social networking sites fell in June. However these sites remain the most attractive target for phishers.

Jun 20 2013

Spam in May 2013

May turned out to be fairly varied when it came to spammer creativity. In fraudulent and advertising messages the spammers made active use of well-known...

May 23 2013

Spam in April 2013

The percentage of spam in email traffic was up 2.1 percentage points compared with March and averaged 72.2%.