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Dec 13 2012

IT security in 2030 – only humans will be the same

It is clear that any attempt to predict the IT security landscape in 2030 will have to be a forecast of security and society in general. IT is now almost everywhere, and its scope will only increase in the future.

Aug 04 2009

Malware beyond Vista and XP

Windows may be ubiquitous, but there’s a thriving variety of alternative operating systems for enterprise and home use. However, the alternatives aren’t as risk free as some people might think

Apr 24 2009

Clear skies ahead: cloud computing and in-the-cloud security

Every era has its buzzwords and the IT sector is no different: "multimedia" in the 80s, "interactive" in the 90s, and ”web 2.0” in the last few years. And just when everyone’s starting to get comfortable with the most recent piece of terminology, along comes another one.

Aug 14 2006

Security a la carte

Credit card details on the Internet