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Jun 13 2007

Mac OS X

This article aims to help readers better understand the features of Mac OS X which are critical when researching malicious programs designed for this operating system.

Mar 07 2007

War-nibbling 2007

This article is a continuation of last year's report on vulnerable Bluetooth devices in Moscow.

Feb 27 2007

Kaspersky Security Bulletin 2006: Malware for Unix-type systems

This report examines the evolution of malicious code for Unix-type systems, including malware targeting Linux and OS X.

Sep 22 2006

Kaspersky Security Bulletin, January - June 2006: Malware for non Win32 platforms

This section of the half-yearly report will discuss malicious programs and the vulnerabilities in Unix-type operating systems.

Apr 21 2006

2005: *nix Malware Evolution

Kaspersky Lab presents a report covering the evolution of malware for non-Windows platforms

Mar 03 2006

Bluetooth, Bluetooth Security and New Year War-nibbling

This latest analysis from Kaspersky Lab gives an overview of Bluetooth security and some of the most common attack methods

Dec 20 2005

The human factor and information security

Two Kaspersky Lab virus analysts share their thoughts on the role people play in ensuring information security.

Aug 19 2005

Rootkits and how to combat them

During the past few months Kaspersky Lab analysts have observed a surge in the number of rootkits detected. What has caused this growth and what risks do rootkits pose to users?