The Internet threat alert status is currently normal. At present, no major epidemics or other serious incidents have been recorded by Kaspersky Lab’s monitoring service. Internet threat level: 1

Sep 12 2013

Staying safe from virtual robbers

The more popular online banking becomes, the more determined cybercriminals are to steal users’ money. How is money stolen with the help of malicious programs? How can you protect yourself from virtual robbery?

Dec 18 2008

Bootkit: the challenge of 2008

The term MalWare 2.0 is often used in our reports to denote a model for the complex malicious programs which appeared at the end of 2006. The most striking examples, and the initial members of MalWare 2.0 are the Bagle, Warezov and Zhelatin worms.

Aug 19 2005

Rootkits and how to combat them

During the past few months Kaspersky Lab analysts have observed a surge in the number of rootkits detected. What has caused this growth and what risks do rootkits pose to users?