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Mar 18 2009

Repercussions of dynamic testing

Anyone who is remotely involved in the anti-malware industry will know that testing is a hot topic – the subject has received a lot of attention lately, particularly following the formation of AMTSO, the Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization, earlier this year.

Oct 23 2008

Attacks on banks

This article provides an overview of the methods currently used by cyber criminals to attack financial institutions and banks in particular. It reviews general trends and takes how malicious programs targeting financial institutions are designed to evade detection by antivirus solutions

Jul 13 2006

Death of the IM-Worm?

This article examines the evolution of the IM worm since the beginning of 2005.

Mar 15 2006

War-driving in Germany - CeBIT2006

Kaspersky Lab investigates Wi-fi networks at the world's biggest IT show