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Sep 30 2010

The antivirus weather forecast: cloudy

These days, when you scan Internet resources or take part in discussions, you inevitably come across materials and comments related to the use of cloud technology in antivirus protection.

Apr 29 2010

Crimeware: A new round of confrontation begins…

This article provides an analysis of recent developments regarding attacks launched by malicious programs against the clients of financial organizations.

Oct 20 2009

Malware Miscellany, September 2009

After a lengthy interlude, we're renewing our monthly malware almanac by popular demand.

Jan 18 2007

The Virtual Conflict - Who Will Triumph?

This latest report examines the development of cybercrime and the relationship between cybercriminals, the IT security industry and other organizations.

Nov 29 2006

Computers, Networks and Theft: Part 2

Kaspersky Lab presents the second part of its report on theft in networks, focusing on organizations

Oct 20 2006

Computers, Networks and Theft

The first part of this report examines what cybercriminals steal from individual users

Sep 22 2006

Kaspersky Security Bulletin, January - June 2006: Malware Evolution

This latest half-yearly report covers the most significant changes in malicious code evolution over the last six months and included a number of predictions as to how the situation may develop based on the statistics we have today.

Apr 03 2006

Malware Evolution: 2005, part two

Kaspersky Lab presents the second report covering malware evolution in 2005

Feb 08 2006

Malware Evolution: 2005

This latest report from Kaspersky Lab presents statistical data on malware evolution in 2005

Aug 19 2005

Rootkits and how to combat them

During the past few months Kaspersky Lab analysts have observed a surge in the number of rootkits detected. What has caused this growth and what risks do rootkits pose to users?

Jul 29 2005

Watershed in malicious code evolution

Trends and forecasts for the second half of 2005

Apr 22 2005

The Bagle botnet

Bagle threats evolve from email worm to a complex network of zombies; author milks for profit.