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Dec 03 2013

Kaspersky Security Bulletin 2013. Malware Evolution

Кey events that have defined the threat landscape in 2013.

Dec 05 2012

Kaspersky Security Bulletin 2012. Malware Evolution

This is Kaspersky Lab’s annual threat analysis report covering the major issues faced by corporate and individual users alike as a result of malware, potentially harmful programs, crimeware, spam, phishing and other different types of hacker activity

Mar 03 2010

Patching human vulnerabilities

Today’s threat landscape is very complex. Cybercriminals use a wide range of threats to hijack people’s computers and to make money illegally. These threats include Trojans of many different kinds, worms, viruses and exploit code which is designed to enable malware to make use of vulnerabilities in the operating system or applications.

May 29 2009

Cybercrime and the law: a review of UK computer crime legislation

At various times over the last few years, we’ve posted comments on different aspects of UK computer crime legislation, and the policing of cybercrime, on our weblog.

Apr 14 2008

Changing threats, changing solutions: A history of viruses and antivirus

It is more than 20 years since the first PC virus appeared. Since then, the nature of threats has changed significantly

Aug 19 2005

Rise of the 'business worm'?

Social dynamics and shifting tactics from virus writers

Feb 11 2005

Hook, line and sinker: Phishing scams and how to avoid getting caught

Phishing is one of the most serious Internet threats today. Learn what it is and n\how to avoid being caught.

Oct 17 2004

Antivirus updating - why it's more important than ever before

Today's threats spread further and faster than ever before. This makes updating your antivirus databases regularly essential. Find out why in this article by Kaspersky Lab's senior technology consultant, David Emm.

Oct 17 2004

Traditional antivirus solutions - are they effective against today's threats?

The nature of threats encounted by PC users has changed significantly over the years. Today's threats are more complex than ever before. So is it still worth using a traditional antivirus solution? Read on to find out.