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Aug 28 2008

Rootkit evolution

This article is the third in a series devoted to the evolution of viruses and anti-virus solutions

Nov 07 2007

The evolution of technologies used to detect malicious code

This article provides an overview of methods used to detect malicious code; of the functional (and to some extent chronological) connections between these methods; and of their technological and applied features

Jun 28 2007

The evolution of self-defense technologies in malware

First and foremost this includes various means of modifying and packing code, in order to conceal the presence of malicious code in the system and to disrupt the functionality of antivirus solutions.

Jan 24 2007

Vista vs. Viruses

Microsoft’s latest development, Windows Vista, is positioned as a system with enhanced security. The official release data is scheduled for 30th January 2007. However, questions as to how realistic the claims of enhanced security are were being raised by the computing community long before a...

Sep 22 2006

Kaspersky Security Bulletin, January - June 2006: Malicious programs for mobile devices

At the beginning of 2006, writers of malicious code for mobile devices showed increased activity, they released a whole range of new malicious programs for mobile phones.

Apr 12 2006

Malware Evolution: January - March 2006

This latest report continues Kaspersky Lab's series of quarterly reports on malware and cyber threat evolution.

Sep 21 2005

An overview of mobile device security

An overview of mobile device security, the current threats, and their possible evolution

Jun 01 2004

Malware Evolution: May Roundup

This month's analysis of trends in malware evolution, from the Kaspersky Labs Virus Laboratory